Leslie Korein


The New 35

Rightly so, the evening's most heralded work was the amusing, well-crafted and -acted "The New 35" [written by Leslie Korein]...Voted Best Picture, Best Comedic Short, Best Actress (Korein)...

Luke Lyons
Pueblo Chieftain

The Lost Moon Radio

The Lost Moon Radio team once again brings its A-game to the Fringe Fest with [Million Dollar Hair.] Korein’s song [Philosophal] is a riot.


Outrageously funny...his talentless, brain dead daughter January's (Leslie Korein)  droll commentary and endless malapropisms throughout is almost as funny as some of the facts she reveals about her dear, departed daddy.

Stage Raw

My biggest 'wow' of the show was Leslie Korein as January Waterbed Schonfeld. As far as I'm concerned, she was absolute perfection.

Kimberly Fox
Fringe Reviewer

January Schoenfeld [Leslie Korein] is both hysterical and heartbreaking. -Kyla Garcia, Fringe Reviewer

Kyla Garcia
Fringe Reviewer

My favorite number of the night, though, had to be January Schonfeld (Leslie Korein)‘s 'Philosophal.' I’m still giggling at the lyrics. Don’t miss it.

Gregory Crafts
Fringe Reviewer


Improv trio Nick Kanellis, Peter McNerney and Leslie Korein meld playful physical transformation and careful scenework that delivers an impressively quick and detailed overlap of events in its conclusion.

Time Out NY

TRIKE gushes with characters, visceral drama and lightning bolt organic transitions. The product is a seamless improvisational joyride.


This 3 person team is hot! Well-acted, well-staged, and remarkable to watch. All three actors were superb!

Improvisation News

Girl Camp

Girl Camp is a raucous good time. Writers Marcy Jarreau and Leslie Korein...are in perfect sync with each other as our nascent Sapphics, capturing all the embarrassment and discomfort of adolescence in brilliantly nuanced detail.

Show Business Weekly

Coaching and Workshops

An amazing improviser and even better teacher.

Sketchy Characters
University at Albany

Working with Leslie was an eye-opener for me. Through close and precise coaching, she trains you to bring out the truth of the scene, revealing the comedy, and sometimes the heart, underneath.

Sketchy Characters
University at Albany

Leslie was a great coach and teacher. There was a new energy at our rehearsals afterwards and we were all inspired to use the new techniques that we had learned.

Middlebury College

Seeing Leslie's group perform totally changed my basic assumptions of what Improv is. Their patience and full attention to one another's actions and emotions on stage was incredible. They showed how to bring the truth back in an art form that can sometime become all-too campy. Since my experience with them, I have now seriously considered pursuing my love of improv beyond my four years at college.

Middlebury College